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Bancroft Completes Trip with US Trade Delegation

Site surveys in India and Thailand included Thai Royal Veterans Hospital and World Health Organization laboratory

Chicago– Bancroft-AE founder Paul Jenkins returns today from his trip to India and Thailand where he has been part of the US Medical Trade Delegation. As the American delegate for medical and research facilities design, Jenkins was one of five international experts invited to speak in Chennai, India as part of a panel dedicated to developing trends in the industry. In his remarks to the 200 assembled delegates, Jenkins addressed the American shift towards flexibility in design.

The second half of the trip was dedicated to visiting the leading medical and research facilities in Thailand, in an effort to benchmark American trends against the latest designs in the region. In addition to tours and formal discussions with officials at Bangok’s leading oncology center and the WHO’s Collaborating Center for Venomous Snake Toxicology and Research Laboratory, Jenkins asked his hosts to be granted access to the Royal Thai Veterans Hospital in downtown Bangkok. “We benchmark our designs against the leading medical and research laboratories around the world. Given the volume of work we do for the Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States, I felt it was essential to have a sense of Veteran care here in Thailand,” said Jenkins.

The Royal Thai Mobile Eye & Minor Surgery Clinic was of particular interest to Jenkins and other delegates, given that the Thai government used a Bancroft-AE designed mobile laboratory (designed for the Saudi government) as the basis for their own facility.

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