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Bancroft Again Named Top Diversity-Led Business

For the second year running, Bancroft Architects & Engineers has been named one of the “Top 100 Diversity-Led Businesses” by the industry’s leading advocate, Bancroft’s Managing Partner, William Bailey, said that while last year’s award was a pleasant surprise, this year’s is an even greater achievement, given that Bancroft is one of only nine firms on the list to be named for a second time. “Our Veteran leadership shapes the culture here, and is reflected in the way we serve our clients,” said Bailey. “We’re proud to be a Disabled Veteran-led company, but—like other top diversity-led companies–really feel that our diversity is the least of our credentials. We’re just a world-class design firm that happens to be led by Disabled Vets.”

Bancroft has more than 20 professional design employees operating out of five offices in four states: Virginia, Louisiana, California, and Illinois. Five of the employees are Disabled Veterans and another is the son of a Veteran killed in the line of duty. “We’ve been tireless in our efforts to bring Veterans issues to the fore, and to give Veteran preference in all hiring,” Bailey said.

In addition to providing leadership within the company, Bancroft executives serve on Veteran advisory boards throughout federal, state, and local governments. Last year, Bancroft employees donated a combined 1,000 hours to Veterans causes nationally. “We were formed as a company dedicated to improving the lives of Veterans, and we’re happy to be recognized for making progress in that direction again this year,” said Bailey.

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