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Bancroft Presentation Highlights Final Day At Tokyo BioTech Conference

Bancroft Presentation Highlights Final Day at Tokyo BioTech Conference

Bancroft senior executives, William Hartzell and Paul Jenkins, headlined the professional lecture series on the final day at the Tokyo International BioTech Festival in Japan today.  Their presentation on the value of evidence-based design for labs and life sciences centers “advanced the field” according to the organizers.

“Those who were able to get into the Bancroft presentation were given access to one of the world’s most innovative design teams, “said Yoshi Tukumoari, the Director of the Life Sciences Division for the Japanese Center for the Advancement of Biotechnology through an interpreter.  “Their creativity and integration of so many disciplines into functional design sets them apart and provides motivation for others in the industry around the world.  Industrial engineers, physicians, economists, architects, and other great thinkers come together in one team that has a truly global perspective.  They challenged everyone who heard their presentation to rethink the status quo.”

The warm reception Bancroft’s presentation to the International Medical Conference received in Mumbai a year ago was considered a significant success for the United States delegation.  Hartzell and Jenkins refined the presentation this year, integrating elements of the recent work they’ve done with research they’ve conducted on behalf of clients.

“It’s an exciting, dynamic field, and we happen to be very passionate about it,” said Hartzell, Bancroft’s President for Design.  “I think our presentations are well received in part because we don’t hide that passion.”

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