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Bancroft Selected To Represent US In Middle East Trade Mission

Bancroft Selected to Represent US in Middle East Trade Mission

Washington, DC–For the eighth consecutive year, Bancroft Architects + Engineers have been selected to benchmark American healthcare centers against the rest of the world.  The upcoming January Trade Mission will have Bancroft touring the Middle East with the US Department of Commerce.  The Trade Mission will be headquartered in Dubai, with additional stops to survey healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi and Oman.

“The purpose of our visit is again to establish and publish a set of international best-practices,” said Phil Lasarsky, Bancroft’s Director of Science and Technology.  “Our vast experience with domestic healthcare facilities—both commercial and private institutions– gives us the perspective to compare and contrast in a meaningful way the standards other countries have established as their best-practices.”

The Trade Missions program is a diplomatic and commercial effort on the part of the US government to strengthen ties between nations by sharing expertise in specific fields.  Bancroft has been chosen to be the sole American representative for healthcare facility design every year since 2011, and has participated in 15 Trade Missions around the world over that time.  “It is an incredible honor to represent the United States in this specialized way,” said Bancroft founder and CEO, Paul Jenkins.  “I think the fact that we are selected over and over speaks to the quality of the experts we’ve assembled here.  Bancroft consistently adds intellectual firepower to our firm, people who are recognized as being among the brightest minds in healthcare design.  This selection is recognition of that expertise and is in my estimation the highest validation of the pioneering work we do in the field.”

The Dubai Trade Mission begins January 9 and ends January 19.  In addition to surveying leading facilities in the region, Bancroft will for the first time be showcasing its new, proprietary clean room technology.  “There is an excitement among those hospitals, doctors and administrators we will be visiting to see the latest in clean room design,” said Lasarsky.  “Having a platform to share our modular clean room solutions adds immeasurably to the interest in our visit.  They are excited to see the products we are introducing to the world.”

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