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Bancroft summer intern returns to school with offer letter

Bancroft Architects + Engineers sent their summer intern, Jack Vaselaney back to university with a backpack full of experience, an improved bank balance, and an offer letter for full-time employment once he graduates.  Vaselaney, a senior at Case Western Reserve in Ohio, is studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in facilities design.  He spent the summer working alongside Bancroft’s designers as an integrated member of project teams.

“Jack has proven himself this summer, to say the least,” said Bancroft’s Vice President for Engineering, Josh Mikels.  “He was impressive from day one.  Case Western’s curriculum prepared him to begin contributing the moment he stepped through the door.  He’s a quick study who is an avid listener and learner.  He worked hard to make himself valuable.  In fact, in addition to the offer of full-time employment, we have offered him part-time employment through his senior year.  He’s talented, smart, and well educated.”

Vaselaney will have a demanding schedule his senior year, as he completes his studies at one of the nation’s top research universities.  He is also a key member of the Spartan men’s basketball team.  “We actively recruit student-athletes from top-tier schools,” said Bancroft’s Executive Vice President, Mary Bradbury, herself a former varsity team captain at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  “We believe participating in high-level team sports while earning high marks in a rigorous academic environment is a key indicator of success in Bancroft’s culture of excellence.  Jack is a great example of that.”

“I was grateful to get the offer,” said Vaselaney.  “I feel like this summer taught me a lot and I look forward to continuing to work for Bancroft.  Though the projects are interesting and challenging, it’s really the people I enjoyed the most.  They promise a culture of excellence and they deliver on it with a staff of experts who are positive mentors.”

Bancroft has a proud history of hiring its summer interns, and the full-time staff of 55 is sprinkled with them in every discipline.  “I started interning here in high school and got my full-time offer when I was a senior in college,” said Rob Ramoska, one of Bancroft’s mechanical engineers.  “Like Jack, I was a student-athlete (at Alabama) and I think that background has helped me succeed in the challenging role I fill here.  I hope to work for Bancroft my entire career.”

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