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Construction Underway for Bancroft Designed Optical Lab

Bancroft Lab Planning Studio announces design completion and construction start for new optical lab.

The Bancroft Lab Planning Studio has completed the design of an optical lab renovation at Northwestern University, Evanston, and construction is now underway.

The 1,100 square foot renovation is located in Northwestern’s Technology Institute Building and is part of the Department of Physics.  The lab houses a main work/preparation area with (3) optical bays designed to accommodate 170sf of optical table work surface, and addresses the mitigation of existing magnetic fields, vibration reduction, and maximization of air cleanliness.

The design team took special care to consider all the details required for a successful optical lab, interviewing researchers, grappling with unique equipment requirements, and investigating the pros and cons of existing lab standards.  “We believe that aiming for ‘Best Practice’ standards lacks ambition,” says project manager William Hartzell.  “Best Practices are our baseline, and we work up from there to make our labs even better.”

The new lab will feature a dual-track laser curtain system that maximizes both flexibility and accessibility of the tight spaces, and custom overhead service/equipment carriers with integrated HEPA filters and zoned LED lighting.

Bancroft Architects and Engineers is a team of expert planners, architects, engineers, interior designers project managers and construction managers who are focused on facility functionality, sustainability and profitability.   Our markets are Life Science, Healthcare, Industrial and Energy.  Our clients rely on us to design and develop facilities that maximize capital investment and enhance profitability.

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