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Bancroft named an “Essential Business” during COVID-19 pandemic

This week, Bancroft Architects + Engineers was named an “Essential Business” in the international fight against novel COVID-19.  This means that even if the state, federal, or local governments issue mandatory business shut-downs and shelter-in-place orders, Bancroft employees will still be working to serve the public good through the crisis.

In the justification letter, Bancroft’s vital role in national health care was singled out.  “Their work directly supports the nation’s healthcare infrastructure that allows the frontline medical care and support to be maintained and enhanced.”  Additionally, the groundbreaking research and development work Bancroft is doing to help stem the spread of viral diseases was recognized.  “Bancroft’s development of proprietary advanced air sanitizing/sterilizing appliances that use high intensity UV light is perhaps one of the most important elements in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.  This critical and potentially life-saving technology is expected to be an essential piece of the battle against the spread of COVID-19.”

Headquartered just outside of Chicago, Bancroft Architects + Engineers has for 20 years been planning, designing and building highly complex facilities for the medical, technology, defense, and research sectors.  In 2017 the firm created Bancroft Technologies to meet the need for innovations that enhance and improve rarified environments.

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