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Hiring Season!

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s hiring season at Bancroft!  This week alone we added seven new, full-time professionals to the Bancroft team.  They were all architects and engineers this week, along with a new HR Manager to help us on-board all the arriving talent.  Today we interviewed five more, each more impressive than the last.  Given the importance of professional licensure, we have added depth in every professional discipline.

America is bracing itself for the growing storm of COVID-19.  Stores and restaurants are not just closed, but many of them in downtown Chicago are boarded up.  Unemployment is exploding.  And yet, Bancroft is (as ever) working to be a part of the solution.  We are adding people with still more specific experience that makes us a more formidable weapon in the nation’s arsenal against this pandemic and the inevitable healthcare crises that today are over the horizon.  With the team we have in place now, we have more than 1,000 years of combined experience designing healthcare facilities.  Much of the work has been for the federal government, improving, growing, and developing the national system that provides care to Veterans.

We’re not generalists.  We aren’t a team that does the odd condo renovation, or kitchen and bath projects to help pay the bills.  All Bancroft designs are complex, technical facilities that support science, innovation and patient care.  In some instances, we go way deeper than design.  Clean rooms, for example, are one of our areas of particular strength.  We have designed hundreds of thousands of square feet of rarified environments.  In fact, our experience has led to the creation and manufacture our own line of mobile, modular clean rooms.  These spaces can be used for biocontainment or bio-exclusion and are an essential tool in any fight against viral contagions.

Bancroft innovation doesn’t stop there.  Our engineers have designed a device that captures and kills every known carbon-based, organic, airborne contagion—including COVID-19.  The patented device is being rushed through clinical trials to be brought to bear on the problem that’s gripping the world.


See the pattern?  Hire the best people.  Create a collaborative environment that encourages team interactivity.  Commit to creating the solution.

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