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It’s moving day!  

September 10, 2021

Bancroft’s first office was a small design studio in Chicago’s Gold Coast.  Its lakefront location in one of Chicago’s toniest neighborhoods was ideal for us at the time.  It was close to our downtown clients and it represented well the sophisticated engineering team (we only had engineers in those days) who worked there.

We still own that space, but we’ve long since grown out of it.  For the last several years we have been working from a facility we inherited when I acquired a failing architectural firm.  It was their office and most decidedly was not representative of our design aesthetic. Though it provided us more space, its location in an industrial park behind O’Hare Airport was not in keeping with my commitment to provide the Bancroft team of professionals the best environment to achieve excellence.

The pictures show one of the happiest days in Bancroft’s history: our departing that dismal environment for the greener (literally) pastures of our new building, called The Bancroft Center for Excellence, in the North Shore community of Northbrook.  Our campus features both indoor and outdoor workspaces for Bancroft designers who are on the leading edge of innovations in healthcare facilities, innovations that call for more inclusion of natural elements in design.  Owning our own 30,000 foot facility and the acres on which it sits, gives us the opportunity to provide our team with the inspiration to continue to lead the field of advanced design.  It also gives our clients a place to relax when they’re in the Chicago area.


Roll on, moving day!




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