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Letter from CEO – Paul Jenkins (April 2020)

Letter from our CEO-Paul Jenkins:

This week, I hired an additional four full-timers (that makes ten for the month—so far) to the Bancroft team. I am thrilled to be able to add still more talent to our growing team, and to provide them with the security of employment and challenging projects even as the world around us seems to be imploding.

More significantly, this week we distributed six figures worth of quarterly bonuses to our staff. I am absolutely committed to sharing Bancroft’s success with the team to which I owe the success. We made major changes here in October of 2019, and I only regret taking so long to scrape those barnacles off the hull. Since then, the company’s improvement has been dramatic, and the momentum is building. While others are furloughing their staffs and reducing salaries, Bancroft is hiring and increasing compensation. I am only able to do that because I have absolute faith and trust in the team we’ve assembled.

I can fully understand business owners who choose to hedge their bets in this economic environment. However, one of my long-time heroes, Admiral Grace Hopper, is credited with saying, “Ships are safe in harbor. But that’s not what ships are for.” Bancroft chooses to follow Admiral Hopper’s advice, and keep the company moving forward through the economic turbulence around us.

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