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Project Description

Bancroft-AE directed the complete planning and design of two BSL-3 suites to house research for Yersinia pestis (Plague) and Tuberculosis (aerosol) in a 20 story structure built in 1926, and a 7 story structure built in 1955.

The high-containment nature of the project required special attention to security procedures, staffing, and material management.    Existing MEP systems were upgraded to fulfill air change requirements, and a new bio-exhaust system stemming from the third floor to a 17th floor mechanical room was installed.

The new system includes a continuous bag in / bag out HEPA unit, redundant fans, supply and exhaust bubble tight dampers, and an emergency generator.

Project Details

Client: Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Size: 3,900 sf

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