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Project Description

Bancroft-AE was awarded the contract for the replacement of all cooling mechanical equipment in the sub-basement of the 16 story main hospital at the Hines VAMC. Bancroft-AE used an Industrial Engineering approach with an emphasis on process design for this project as the existing mechanical room supply was under capacity.

Phase I—The Study
The first phase consisted of a chilled water system master planning analysis, including but not limited to evaluation of the primary 1000+ ton chiller, plus 900 ton existing satellite chillers, best value replacement technology for the existing absorption chiller based upon energy efficiency, operating cost, capital cost and redundancy, evaluation of available system capacity for future chilled water loads.

Phase II—The Design Drawings
The second phase consisted of design, construction administration and commissioning services for the selected chilled water strategy.

Project Details

Client: Hines VAMC
Location: Hines, Illinois
Cost: $14 Million

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