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Luis Ferrer Electrical Engineer
Luis Ferrer, PE
Electrical Engineer

Professional Engineer: IL, WI, MI, CO, MO, IN, UT, PA, NY, RI
Illuminating Engineering Society of America, Member of Consulting Electrical Engineer,
Lifetime Member of Philippines Engineers and Society Organization

With nearly four decades of experience, Luis brings a vast array of Electrical Engineering knowledge to the team. At this point in his career, there is very little that he has not solved in terms of engineering challenges on complex projects. Early in his career he was committed to tackling the challenges of engineering solutions for large-scale buildings with a constantly increasing demand for electrical power. That passion for problem solving led him to pursue specializations in designing DATA and UPS systems, fire alarm systems, and communications systems. He is an expert at high-mast, low-voltage, high luminescence outdoor lighting. Over the last half of his career, Luis has dedicated himself to energy conservation in his designs, and is responsible for numerous innovations that increase the efficiencies of the electrical systems for client facilities.

He holds a B.S. from MLQ University, Manila, Philippines
Engineering Review, U of I Chicago, 1982

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