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The Most Productive Week of the Year

This has been arguably the most productive week of the year, and may very well prove to be the most important for several years.

This week we were recertified as a disabled-Veteran owned small business.  Since our inception, I have always been the majority owner and have managed, directed, and run Bancroft.  The Center for Veteran Enterprises ensures Veteran-owned businesses do things properly, and their certification process is rigorous.  Though there has never been any question of my control of Bancroft, the recertification verifies that.

What the recertification process doesn’t necessarily recognize is the essential role so many others play in Bancroft’s success. As the company has grown, the partners and department heads play an increasingly important role in management.  That said, given the commitment we’ve made to the Veteran community and the VA, I can’t at this moment envision a time when I (or another disabled Veteran) won’t be at Bancroft’s helm.

In addition to recertification, this week we earned several large contracts all over the country.  Each of them relies on our core strength of designing highly-technical facilities in support of science.  These public and private clients have entrusted Bancroft to create environments where their staffs can perform their best work.  We are grateful for their trust in Bancroft and will work tirelessly to exceed their expectations in creating best-in-class centers of scientific excellence.

This week was not without challenges. One of our most important clients has a Bancroft design in construction. We pride ourselves on our construction period services, and in this case, are having to go an extra mile (or two) to ensure the contractor building the project is able to bring our designers’ vision to life. Clear communication is essential to good design. In this case, the contractor felt we hadn’t communicated clearly enough and we’re working to make it right.  It’s been a valuable teaching tool for a design staff that prides itself on getting things right.

Weeks like the last one make me eager for Monday morning, excited to know what’s in store for Bancroft heading into the Labor Day weekend.

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