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Working through COVID-19

The worldwide pandemic crisis has created a variety unexpected challenges, both for the in-house Bancroft team and for our clients. A vital piece of our responses to the challenges is Dr. Mike Millis, Bancroft’s Chief Medical Officer. In addition to being a member of our design staff, he also provides up-to-the-minute guidance on the best practices for keeping our offices as safe as possible for employees who are essential in the national fight to curb the spread of the virus. His “day job” is one of the world’s top transplant surgeons.

In the office, he recommends social distancing—and with a staff of nearly 60 full-time architects, engineers, construction professionals and support staff is difficult as we’re bursting at the seams waiting for construction of our new office to be completed. So, we’d gone to shifts, where employees are working remotely on some days, coming to the office on others, and using evening and weekends to make the best use of every resource while keeping safe.

For our clients, he reviews our designs and makes recommendations that reflect the best practices associated with the world’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. It’s a dynamic environment, and it is invaluable for us to have a renowned practitioner who is on the front lines every day, with access to the world’s most effective responses in real-time.

Already, we have begun to incorporate into Bancroft’s designs some of the best of the applicable reconfigurations and innovations that will be part of healthcare facilities for years.

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