Join the Bancroft Team

Seeking purpose and innovation? Join the team of architects, engineers, project managers, drafters, designers, administrators, and cost estimators at Bancroft.

Drive Innovation in Architectural Services

Bancroft Architects + Engineers believes bringing together people with diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives is vital to producing innovative and thoughtful design solutions. We seek team members who thrive in an environment of active collaboration. We want to connect with candidates who understand that the best ideas emerge when everyone contributes their unique talents.

While our work is intellectually stimulating, it can also be demanding. We look for individuals who are energized, not daunted, by complex design challenges—people who see opportunity in obstacles and approach their work with persistence, rigor, and creativity.

Above all, we value dedication to excellence no matter how routine the task. Whether drafting technical specifications or developing a master site plan, we bring care and precision to everything we do. We hold ourselves and each other to high standards because we understand our responsibilities to clients, communities, and the environment.

The Bancroft Culture

Our goal is to encourage innovation while ensuring accountability at individual and company-wide levels. We believe that each employee plays a vital role in Bancroft’s success. Collaborating and communicating effectively allows us to leverage our diverse skills and perspectives to drive business growth. Though we each have different strengths, we share a commitment to ethical integrity and quality work.

Our culture emphasizes respect, transparency, and excellence. We recognize achievements and deepen our expertise through continued education. We balance individual accountability with a supportive team mentality to create optimal conditions for professional and company growth.

Take on Challenging Work for a Worthwhile Reward

Bancroft employees handle highly complex jobs, including maximized functionality from limited space, lab equipment placement, and advanced medical facilities. We believe that an employee’s happiness is based on whether they have been able to grow in their work environment and have a regularly confirmed self-perceived sense of accomplishment and growth. Bancroft is a place where you will be given the space to question, learn, and be able to openly discuss certain aspects of your work with management.