Premium Government Engineering and Architectural Services

Bancroft empowers agencies by helping build their futures.

Unparalleled Engineering Services for Municipal Architecture

Government agencies need trusted advisors to help maintain and improve essential public infrastructure. Bancroft’s engineering teams have designed and managed complex infrastructure projects since 2009. We’ve completed over 100 projects for governmental healthcare facilities.

Whether renovating deteriorating bridges, upgrading outdated transit systems, or building new water treatment facilities, we provide expert feasibility studies, detailed plans, cost analysis, and hands-on project oversight. Our objective assessments help government partners optimize limited budgets to keep infrastructure safe and functioning for all citizens.

Use Comprehensive Site Analysis for Optimal Project Planning

Government agencies rely on Bancroft’s experienced engineering teams to thoroughly assess existing site conditions to maximize infrastructure project success. Utilizing advanced technologies, including GIS, GPS, laser scanning, and UAVs, our consultants comprehensively survey sites to capture precise measurements and identify limitations.

This rigorous baseline documentation enables engineers to situate and design facilities strategically. Our teams pinpoint critical issues such as inadequate stormwater drainage, unstable substrates, accessibility restrictions, or utility line conflicts. This proactive planning mitigates risks and optimizes construction feasibility and long-term performance.

Structural Engineering Design

Bancroft’s structural engineering team leverages technical expertise to design resilient infrastructure. We create customized plans for foundations, framing, and load-bearing elements based on an in-depth analysis of stresses and material performance.

As an independent firm, we provide objective guidance on building safety and code compliance. Our innovative thinking helps deliver optimized, cost-effective structures that stand the test of time.

Start a Conversation With Qualified Engineers and Architects

Bancroft brings you into the process from day one so you can guide the direction. With your input, we create options to find the perfect fit and provide feedback to help you select the best design.

Explore Our Operation and Maintenance Engineering Services and Design Offerings

Bancroft offers industry-leading architectural and engineering strategies to help you bring your vision to life. Our experts provide guidance every step of the way, from the initial design concept to the finished structure

Our services include:

Transportation Engineering

Bancroft engineers conduct comprehensive transportation studies to identify usage patterns, projecting needs decades into the future. We provide data-driven recommendations to expand capacity, alleviate congestion, and enhance safety. Leveraging the latest technologies, we optimize roadway design, traffic control systems, and multi-modal facilities.

With our transportation planning and engineering expertise, communities can build connected, efficient, and accessible transportation networks to serve current and future generations. Our sustainable designs support smart growth and environmental stewardship.

Geotechnical Engineering

Our geotechnical engineers investigate subsurface conditions and advise clients on foundations, excavations, and site development. We perform thorough soil borings, lab testing, and engineering analysis to characterize site soils, bedrock, and groundwater. This informs structural and geotechnical design requirements to ensure stable foundations and earthworks.

We also provide expert consultation on retaining walls, deep foundations, ground improvement, and other geotechnical solutions required for complex projects. Our geotechnical expertise helps both public and private sector clients mitigate risks to build resilient infrastructure that stands the test of time.

Urban Planning and Landscape Design

Bancroft’s architects work closely with urban planners and landscape architects to seamlessly integrate buildings into their surroundings. We design inviting public spaces, parks, plazas, green roofs, living walls, and other landscape features that connect with and enhance the broader community.

Our urban planning services include analyzing zoning regulations, circulation patterns, demographics, and growth projections to inform strategic development. With an interdisciplinary approach, we create functional and aesthetically cohesive environments.

Master Planning for Civic Structures

Let our architectural planners design state-of-the-art government facilities to serve your community.

Green Government Office Design

Bancroft is committed to sustainable architecture that benefits both clients and the environment. Our expertise in green building design optimizes energy and water efficiency, utilizes natural daylight and ventilation, integrates renewable energy systems, and specifies recycled and non-toxic materials to reduce waste.

We stay current on the latest technologies and design strategies to maximize environmental performance. We also guide clients through the LEED certification process to validate the sustainability of their projects.