Electrical Engineering Across the Nation

Energize your projects with Bancroft’s electrical engineering and safety expertise.

Wire Your Building for Success With Bancroft’s Electrical System Design Services

Bancroft has over ten years of experience designing electrical engineering solutions for many public and private sector clients. We have extensive healthcare and life sciences expertise, delivering more than 170 projects in this area over the past decade.

We are also proud to design all our recent projects to LEED Silver standards, incorporating sustainability best practices like energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and reuse of recovered materials.

Comprehensive Design Services From Expert Electrical Site Engineers

Our engineers analyze your needs and design well-planned, compliant electrical systems with the proper components and capacity. We optimize the electrical layout for constructability, operations, and total cost over the facility lifecycle. This includes:

  • Power distribution schemes and equipment selection
  • Lighting and control systems
  • Emergency systems
  • Fire alarm, security, AV, IT, and communication infrastructure
  • Grounding, surge protection, and specialty systems

Build a Formidable Structure With Celebrated Architects and Engineers

Partner with Bancroft, an award-winning engineering firm recognized for excellence. Voted a Top 100 Small Business in America by the US Chamber of Commerce, named among the Top 500 Engineering Firms Nationally, and honored as a Top Emerging Small Business by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, we have the experience to deliver results.

Ensure Electrical Safety With Our Consultative Services

Bancroft supports clients through all project phases. Beyond core electrical design, we offer high-level consulting services, including:

  • Infrastructure planning for capacity, redundancy, and future expansion
  • Energy efficiency audits and demand management
  • Troubleshooting and forensic analysis of issues
  • Electrical safety programs and training
  • Site evaluations, feasibility studies, and master planning
  • Construction oversight and commissioning

Explore Bancroft’s Commercial Electrical Engineering Services

From initial concept to construction completion, we offer a comprehensive slate of electrical engineering services for any type or size of commercial project. Our systematic approach adds value at every phase.

Our engineers perform thorough in-circuit testing to verify proper installation and identify any issues before energizing the equipment. This helps avoid potential failures down the line.

We conduct detailed load flow analyses using the latest modeling software to ensure electrical systems are sized appropriately and designed efficiently. This optimizes capital costs.

Bancroft performs arc flash hazard assessments to identify and mitigate risks, enhancing safety for personnel. We provide arc flash labels and work with clients to develop proper PPE standards and safe operating procedures.

Our power system designers create optimal plans tailored to each facility’s needs, considering redundancy, future growth, equipment sizing, voltage drop, efficiency, and more. We integrate energy-efficient technologies when feasible.

We can design upgrades to optimize your building’s electrical distribution, ensuring it meets your current and future needs. This includes panel upgrades, new circuits, wire sizing, etc.

We spec generators and ATS equipment and design efficient and robust backup power systems. This keeps your critical loads running during outages.

Aging or insufficient switchgear can’t support modern loads. We design replacements using the latest technologies, improving safety and capacity.

We design UPS systems for sensitive electronics or processes to condition power and bridge momentary outages. This protects equipment and prevents data loss.

Bancroft offers a state-of-the-art electronic security system to help protect client facilities. This includes motion sensors, 24/7 video monitoring, and immediate notification of unauthorized access. The system is designed for maximum security with minimum disruption to daily operations.

Bancroft engineers robust, easy-to-use intercom systems for clear communication across client facilities. Intercoms are optimized for each unique environment, with options for paging, room-to-room calling, and integration with other notification systems.

Bancroft’s low-voltage engineering experts design optimized power systems for small-scale electrical needs. Our low-voltage systems reliably support lighting, climate control, security, communications, and more. The low-voltage team specializes in minimizing costs while maximizing utility.

Bancroft’s medium-voltage engineers design electrical infrastructure for medium-sized operations. Systems are sized for essential capacity at economical rates. Our designs incorporate redundancy and monitoring for seamless power across campuses.

For large-scale industrial facilities, Bancroft provides cutting-edge high-voltage engineering. Our systems safely and efficiently deliver massive power loads to enable heavy manufacturing and processing. We fine-tune high-voltage designs for each unique application, balancing performance with practical budgets.