Superior Manufacturing Engineering Services to Boost Production Efficiency

Power your manufacturing efficiency with Bancroft’s architectural and engineering solutions.

Reimagine Your Manufacturing Facility Design With Bancroft’s Engineering Excellence

Bancroft Architects + Engineers specializes in designing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our experienced engineering teams use the latest technologies to optimize material flows, improve quality control, and boost productivity.

We provide 3D modeling and simulation to visualize and test manufacturing processes and equipment layouts. This allows us to eliminate bottlenecks and unnecessary movements before construction even begins. We also design facilities with IoT sensors and robust data analytics. This enables real-time monitoring and early detection of potential issues, minimizing downtime.

Refine Your Manufacturing Operations With Our Industrial Engineering Contractors

The design of a manufacturing facility significantly impacts the efficiency and productivity of operations. Here are a few key considerations Bancroft’s engineers consider when planning your manufacturing facility design:

  • Workflow and Layout

    Your facility should be laid out to optimize workflow and material handling. We arrange workstations and machinery logically, minimizing transport distances and allowing for efficient flows. Cellular manufacturing, product-focused factory layouts, and line configurations are common approaches.

  • Capacity and Scalability

    We know your facility needs adequate capacity for current and projected production volumes. We ensure your building is scalable for future growth and process changes. We include space for additional equipment, utility capacity, and ease of expansion.

  • Material Handling and Logistics

    Material flow, logistics, and inventory management impact efficiency. Bancroft’s engineers structure warehouse layout, inventory storage, and material handling systems and equipment (e.g., conveyors, AGV/AMR, and cranes) to support optimal material flow.

  • Building and Site

    Bancroft ensures your physical building and site meet operational power, lighting, ventilation, environmental controls, and safety needs. We verify ceiling height, floor loading capacity, and truck access match material handling requirements. Our experts understand how the layout and locations of loading docks and roads affect internal logistics.

  • Process Support

    Our professionals know supporting processes like equipment maintenance and product testing need dedicated, well-equipped space. We provide amenities for staff, like breakrooms, sanitation, and changing rooms.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    You want a cost-effective facility. We balance construction and operating costs against productivity benefits. We recommend optimal design choices ranging from high automation to lean manual operations. Our modularity and phased expansion strategies can help manage initial costs.

Collaborate With Industrial Engineering Consultants Who Mesh With Your Schedule

Experience matters when undertaking capital projects in complex operating environments like manufacturing facilities. Our team has extensive expertise executing renovations and upgrades in active, 24/7 facilities requiring diligent phasing and seamless day-to-day operations.

Maintain Strict Adherence to Production Process Standards for Manufacturing Warehouses

Bancroft’s goal is to create optimal manufacturing environments that keep workers safe, reduce environmental impact, and enable efficient operations—while fully meeting all compliance obligations. Our team of experienced engineers and designers helps manufacturers navigate complex compliance requirements during every project phase.

During the planning and design, we thoroughly review applicable codes and standards to ensure the facility layout, material selections, and equipment specifications are fully compliant. We assist with risk assessments to identify any areas of potential non-compliance early on so they can be addressed proactively.

We also support implementing health and safety standards, environmental regulations, industry-specific rules, and other mandatory requirements. Our experts are well-versed in standards like OSHA, NFPA, LEED, and cGMP. We help manufacturers avoid costly rework by getting it right the first time.

Boost Warehouse Management With ROI-Focused Strategies

Bancroft employs proven techniques to optimize return on investment when designing manufacturing facilities. Our engineers identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce waste by carefully analyzing product workflows and material flows. We pay close attention to details like production line configuration, inventory storage, and equipment placement to minimize non-value-added motion and transportation. Lean manufacturing principles are applied to streamline processes and eliminate clutter.

When evaluating equipment and infrastructure investments, Bancroft takes a data-driven approach to ensure capital expenditures will generate sufficient cost savings and productivity gains to justify the expense. Detailed financial modeling helps predict the ROI timeline for major purchases. We also explore creative options like equipment sharing between product lines to maximize asset utilization.


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