Architectural Services for America and Beyond

Bancroft shapes the American landscape and beyond with design and sustainable expertise.

Architectural Planning Services: Your Vision, Our Expertise

Bancroft Architects + Engineers brings unparalleled experience in commercial design and construction to make your vision a reality. Since 1909, our professionals have worked nationally, providing services for modernization, repair, alteration, renovation, construction management, and maintenance projects across sectors.

We have extensive experience providing remodeling, renovation, and design-build services for clients ranging from corporate offices to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, industrial plants, and more. Our comprehensive services, innovative techniques, and diligent oversight ensure your project’s success from concept to completion.

Elevate Your Project With Our Architectural Design and Planning Services

We provide integrated architecture, from initial concept and feasiblity studies through construction documents and administration. No matter the size or complexity, we approach each project creatively and precisely to ensure your vision comes to life functionally and aesthetically. Our services include:

Depend on Our Seasoned Architectural Planning and Design Expertise

Bancroft delivers award-winning architectural design. With over 1200 successful projects completed in the last decade, including 200 in healthcare and life sciences, we have the experience and expertise to bring your vision to life. We are proud to incorporate sustainability into all our recent work, designing to LEED Silver standards to conserve energy, prevent pollution, reduce waste, and reuse materials.

Innovative Commercial Architecture Design Techniques—Our Project Designs Are on Time and Under Budget

Our design team uses the latest architectural software to implement state-of-the-art drafting, modeling, and visualization capabilities. Building Information Modeling (BIM) lets us create intelligent 3D models containing rich data to advise construction and operations. We integrate sustainable features, optimize energy performance, and virtually walk through designs before breaking ground.

Augmented and virtual reality allow immersive visualization to evaluate design options. Our expertise in these leading-edge tools brings conceptual designs to life so you can experience the finished building before it is built. We also apply computational design to analyze and refine options to meet project goals rapidly.

Advanced 3D Visualization and BIM Technology

Our design process leverages 3D modeling and BIM software for greater constructability, coordination, and project insight. Clash detection features alert us to conflicts between architectural, structural, and MEP systems before installation. 4D scheduling integrates the 3D model with project timelines for construction simulation.

Photorealistic renderings allow you to visualize completed interiors and exteriors, while custom flythroughs showcase your future building. Our BIM and visualization capabilities provide powerful tools to communicate design intent and reduce errors throughout construction planning.

Sustainable Design Principles and Green Building Practices

Our commitment to environmental stewardship informs architectural choices to reduce ecological impact. We incorporate renewable energy systems, high-efficiency building envelopes, low-flow water fixtures, and non-toxic materials. Passive design strategies like daylighting, natural ventilation, and smart solar orientation promote occupant health and comfort while lowering utility costs.

Many of our projects achieve LEED Certification or comparable green building credentials. Our expertise in sustainable principles and practices makes your building resilient.