Our Case Studies

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Building Renovation for the Women’s Residential Program

Bancroft was contracted to provide Architectural and Engineering services for the renovation of approximately 10,123 S.F. in Building 5 for the Women’s Residential Program at the VA Puget Sound HCS facility in Tacoma, WA. Construction Period Services are included as well.

The scope included the renovation of interior and mechanical spaces, which consisted of demolishing and replacing the existing AHU and distribution system and removing hazardous materials to establish a new, fully functioning Women’s Domiciliary Program. The program consisted of ten mental health resident care units and the required supportive clinical and administrative spaces for an outpatient mental health clinic that included case management services and individual and group therapy.

The design brought the building in compliance with all ADA codes, allowed for card access control at all entry points to the facility, and allowed for no-anchor or ligature points on the mental health or resident care unit side.

A photovoltaic system was installed to provide up to 20% of the building’s annual electrical usage—per the VA Directive 0055. The final design met all VA mental health design requirements for Environmental Care, Suicide Prevention, and Life Safety.

The design of a new plumbing distribution system was also included in the scope. The existing two (2) tank electric water heater in the mechanical room was disconnected and replaced with two (2) steam heat exchanger water heaters and monitored using a hot water quality monitoring system to monitor acidity, temperature, pressure, and oxidant residual.

We replaced all structured cabling, physical security access control and surveillance cameras, nurse call, and RF systems.

New Laboratory and Pharmacy Building for the Northern Arizona VA Healthcare System

Bancroft provided complete A/E services to design a new Laboratory and Pharmacy building for the Northern Arizona VA Healthcare System. This project consisted of constructing one building to house a pharmacy and a laboratory for the campus.

The new addition is located adjacent to a newly constructed emergency department. This location places both functions between the ED and the Outpatient Care Clinic and provides better access to the Community Living Center (CLC) and the Inpatient Care wards in Building 107. The building will serve both inpatient and outpatient needs with a project objective of improving the service to the inpatient and outpatient population and providing for the program’s future growth. Since the building, over time, has lost its main entrance identity, this project was prime for creating a better wayfinding system using architecture.

This project began before USP adopted regulations for USP 800. However, our team of lab planners, being members of the USP with years of big pharmaceutical experience, were able to design the pharmacy so that it would meet the impending USP 800. In addition to the pharmacy, the lab required new development protocols based on the estimated amount and type of core testing it would perform. The multi-level facility allowed the lab and pharmacy to work efficiently with the ED located on the lower level, the upper-level CLC, and the upper-level outpatient area. The planners used the site to shorten the chain of custody to deliver supplies and built-in physical and logistical SOPs to maintain the highest security.

The systems are designed for flexibility to allow the Lab and Pharmacy spaces to be flexible with minimum adjustments to the overall system. The building system created its central plant location in an N+1 configuration. Each critical area has a dedicated system and volumetric controls to manage the anticipated flexibility that an ever-changing facility can expect to allow. The pressurization plan provides positive pressure in the Chemotherapy room and negative pressure in the Pharmacy.

Keep Your Operations Running While We Upgrade Your Facility

The team at Bancroft’s Architects + Engineers has extensive experience developing phased construction plans that allow facilities like yours to continue normal operations with minimal disruption. We know how to work within the constraints of your 24/7 schedule to complete upgrades efficiently.

Construct PACT Clinic for St. Cloud, MN

Bancroft was contracted to provide the design and construction period services for the St. Cloud VA Medical Center to renovate the primary care clinic. The primary care space was extremely constrained and was described by the VA as a foundational service. The project included a courtyard infill and renovation of primary care for a PACT model of care of approximately 2,400 S.F. of infill and 7,000 S.F. of adjacent renovation to provide a total PACT clinic of 9,400 S.F.

The project included demolishing a vacated kitchen and general office or circulation space. We used telehealth technology for the exam rooms, intake rooms, nursing areas, and common spaces for patient-provider interaction. As part of the design, sufficient floor space, data connections, and utilities were incorporated into the design to facilitate the equipment used in these spaces. We placed a GFGI kiosk in the waiting room to give patients access to electronic “My HealthVet” information. The designs that house MEP support also provide a basement infill space.

The space was designed to meet PACT guidelines, SEPS programming, and VA physical security design criteria. Solutions provide an “efficient, safe, patient-centered care center designed with a team-based philosophy in mind.”

The structure for the infill space was designed to support the expansion of the second floor later. The structure is reinforced concrete. Lifecycle analysis was conducted for the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, steam, condensate, and medical gas fixtures deemed end-of-life. We introduced new equipment to the remodeled space.

A staircase was remodeled to provide an “open-air” atrium design, providing a more visually appealing visitor entrance. Costs associated with the staircase were considered as a deductible alternative. The Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) approved all designs.

Commercial Kitchen Renovation in Bath, NY

Bancroft provided the complete A/E design services to renovate the Main Kitchen in Bath, NY. Architecturally, Bancroft reconfigured the existing equipment to improve workflow and maximize effectiveness. The existing ’pot washing’ room became a storage and prep room, while the ceiling and floors were redone.

Mechanically, Bancroft is responsible for reviewing the current ventilation, HVAC, and plumbing systems to identify efficiency improvement needs and update to current VA Safety Guidelines. The AHUs were replaced, and ventilation was updated for the new prep/storage room, as it had none. The main focus of this project was to accommodate VA staff to maximize the efficiency of the space available.

Design services included renovating the existing main kitchen and ingredients rooms for lighting and power of the relocated kitchen equipment and adjustment of the mechanical units. Removal of existing lay-in lighting fixtures, including conduits and wires up to the conduit home runs and junction boxes in the ceiling, was necessary. We provided new lighting fixtures similar to the existing LED lamps. We also provided new LED lights for the exhaust hoods.