Pharmaceutical Architects for Stellar Project Management

Build better workspaces that are efficient, compliant, and safe.

Revolutionize the Pharma Industry With Our Pharmaceutical Engineering Consultants

Bancroft’s experienced pharmaceutical architects skillfully balance form and function to create state-of-the-art environments that enable drug research, development, and production. Our expertise in regulatory compliance ensures facilities meet the highest safety standards while optimizing workflow. We collaborate closely with all stakeholders to deliver innovative, sustainable designs that support your unique needs.

With rising chronic diseases and an aging population, the demand for new and improved pharmaceuticals will continue growing globally. Our pharmaceutical architects are indispensable in bringing these life-saving medicines to market faster.

Ensure Pristine Pharmaceutical Environments

Bancroft’s pharmaceutical design expertise safeguards product purity. Our architects specialize in contamination control implementing meticulous design strategies. Our cleanrooms leverage HVAC filtration, airlocks, gowning rooms, and laminar flow hoods to create immaculate aseptic processing areas.

We select materials to eliminate particle-shedding risks. Rigorous validation testing throughout design and construction verifies sterile environments. Our uncompromising standards ensure your drugs meet the highest safety and quality benchmarks.

Drive Generic Drug Success With Expert Facility Design

For generic drug makers, efficiently designed facilities are essential to lean operations and regulatory compliance. Bancroft’s configurable, modular designs enable rapid changeovers and scale-ups.

We specify validated materials and finishes to withstand frequent washdowns. Sustainability features like passive solar and efficient HVAC reduce generics’ environmental impact and costs. With our solutions, generics producers gain compliant, flexible, cost-effective facilities to sharpen their competitive edge.

Designing Quality Control Laboratories

Bancroft specializes in designing state-of-the-art quality control laboratories for pharmaceutical companies. Quality testing is critical for ensuring drug efficacy and safety. Our architects work closely with clients to create facilities that support compliance and maximize efficiency.

We are experts in building systems that maintain ideal air pressure, temperature, and humidity per stringent industry regulations. This protects product integrity by minimizing contamination risks. Lab layouts are optimized based on quality workflows, separating areas from receipt to finished testing.

Personnel productivity is also a priority. We balance technical requirements with ample natural light, ergonomic workstations, and an enjoyable environment. Our integrated architectural approach delivers quality control labs where pharmaceutical companies can confidently develop and commercialize innovative therapies.

Bring Your Pharmaceutical Project to Life with Bancroft

We’ve designed millions of square feet of healthcare facilities nationwide for public and private clients, including the Department of Veterans Affairs. We stay on top of the latest healthcare trends and regulations to produce innovative, functional designs tailored to your needs.

Leverage Advanced Architectural Strategies From Seasoned Pharmaceutical Contractors

Sustainability, automation, modularity, and patient-focused spaces are key trends we incorporate in pharmaceutical architectural projects. Our expertise in building information modeling, parametric design, prefabrication, and emerging technologies helps us create next-generation pharmaceutical facilities.

Satisfy ISO Compliance

Bancroft helps design and implement ISO management systems. Our ISO consultants can assist with implementing standards like ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety).

We perform gap analyses to identify areas for improvement, provide training on ISO requirements, help document procedures and policies, and guide companies through the certification process. With our support, you can create integrated ISO systems that enhance efficiency and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and employee safety.

Meet USP Guidelines

Bancroft helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies design and construct facilities that comply with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines. We assist clients in implementing USP recommendations related to facility layout, material selection, HVAC systems, lighting, plumbing, and more. We create cleanrooms, laboratories, and manufacturing spaces that meet or exceed regulatory standards.

Building Safe Pharmaceutical Facilities

Let our structural engineers design the skeletal framework for your pharmaceutical manufacturing and research facilities to meet stringent building codes and safety standards.

Implement Sustainable and EcoFriendly Building Solutions

Bancroft offers sustainable and eco-friendly building solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We integrate green technologies like solar panels, geothermal HVAC, and smart lighting controls to maximize efficiency. Precise daylight modeling informs interior layouts to leverage natural light and reduce electricity usage.

Our durable, locally sourced materials with recycled content also minimize environmental impact. With Bancroft’s expertise in green architecture, you can create state-of-the-art facilities aligned with their sustainability goals. Our energy-efficient buildings lower operating costs and build corporate goodwill.