Premier Plumbing Engineers for Commercial Buildings

Bancroft delivers energy-efficient solutions throughout the United States.

Collaborate With Driven Plumbing Mechanical Engineers

Bancroft Architects + Engineers’ licensed and certified plumbing engineers have the technical expertise to design and maintain the complex plumbing systems required for commercial buildings. With ample experience working on many robust commercial projects, our engineers understand the unique plumbing demands of the market.

We take a strategic approach to commercial plumbing design, considering factors like occupancy levels, equipment needs, sustainability goals, and future flexibility. Our engineers are skilled at designing efficient pipe routing, properly sizing drainage systems, and integrating advanced technologies like water recycling and automated controls. We specify durable, code-compliant materials and piping methods tailored for commercial applications.

Our engineers consider how systems interact to provide comprehensive solutions. Our plumbing engineers have experience designing complete plumbing systems for commercial facilities of all types, including:

Find Plumbing Project Engineers Dedicated to Consistent Training and Upskilling

Bancroft engineers regularly participate in seminars, conferences, and courses to stay current on the latest plumbing products, building code changes, and sustainability best practices.

We also have a robust in-house training program on critical commercial plumbing skills. This includes detailed sessions on commercial hot water system design, drainage system load calculations, and coordinating plumbing systems with other building systems like HVAC and electrical.

Our solutions are always optimal. We ensure our engineers can design anything your building needs to drive optimization and productivity, including:

Heating and Hot Water Exchangers

The Bancroft team specializes in designing and installing customized heating and hot water systems for commercial facilities. Whether you need a high-efficiency boiler, tankless water heater, heat exchanger, or solar thermal system, we have the expertise to meet your hot water requirements.

Our fully licensed engineers conduct a detailed analysis of your building’s needs and recommend energy-efficient solutions that maximize performance and reliability.

Reverse Osmosis

We understand the importance of clean, purified water for sensitive applications like healthcare, research, and food service. That’s why we offer specialized reverse osmosis systems designed to remove contaminants and dissolved solids, providing water that meets the highest purity standards required by these industries.

Our design and engineering team can help select the right RO system and membranes to match your water conditions and purification needs. We handle complete installation and ongoing maintenance to keep your critical water systems running efficiently for years.

Ensure Smooth Engineering From Start to Finish

Bancroft makes it a priority to set clear expectations with our clients from day one. By aligning project goals, deliverables, and timelines early on, we can create realistic critical path schedules that keep design work on track. If any specialty equipment needs to be purchased during the process, our team promptly informs you of expected lead times to avoid delays.

Secure Project Management for A to Z Planning and Execution

Bancroft’s plumbing engineers can oversee your project from initial planning to construction and commissioning. When you partner with us for your plumbing engineering job, you gain cohesive plans and seamless implementation. Our services cover:

  • Plumbing system design and drawings
  • Detailing specs and equipment schedules
  • Evaluating and selecting vendors
  • Obtaining permits
  • Creating maintenance manuals
  • Conducting inspections and testing

Pre-Construction Planning and Plumbing Design

The pre-construction phase is critical for identifying and avoiding potential plumbing issues down the road. Bancroft’s licensed plumbing engineers collaborate with architects, contractors, and stakeholders early on to develop comprehensive plumbing plans tailored to the building’s needs. This includes analyzing the building layout, mapping proposed fixture locations, calculating drainage pipe and venting requirements, and specifying the optimal water supply system.

  • Number and types of plumbing fixtures needed
  • Estimated hot water demand
  • Municipal water and sewer infrastructure
  • Stormwater drainage requirements
  • Applicable plumbing codes and regulations

Detailed Blueprint Preparation

Once the preliminary plumbing design is approved, Bancroft engineers create comprehensive technical drawings showing all the details of the plumbing system. This includes detailed plans indicating the exact locations of all supply and drainage pipes, fixtures, valves, vents, and other components.

  • Accurate measurements, pipe sizes, and fixture specifications
  • Schedules listing all equipment to be installed
  • Clear views of floor plans, isometrics, sections, and details
  • Legends, notes, and callouts for easy understanding

Thorough plumbing blueprints eliminate guesswork during installation and are a reliable reference for future maintenance and repairs. We provide digital CAD drawings plus printed sets for bidding and construction.