Architect Drafting Services for the Public and Private Sectors

The Bancroft team transforms visions into reality with precision 2D and 3D drafting.

Transform Your Architectural Drafting Approach

Bancroft is leading the transformation in commercial architectural services. Our unparalleled drafting expertise and innovative tech solutions set us apart in bringing ambitious designs to fruition. Leveraging extensive experience across diverse building sectors, our team delivers excellence on every project.

We are redefining industry standards through our commitment to quality, technology, and client relationships. Our architects help you see your vision take shape with precision and care. The future of commercial architecture starts here.

Implement New Technology

We use the most advanced CAD and BIM software applications. This allows us to maximize efficiency and collaboration. Features like automated scheduling, clash detection, and multi-disciplinary coordination improve quality and reduce errors. It also facilitates collaboration between architects, engineers, and contractors.

We implement libraries of reusable content, families, and templates to boost productivity across projects. Our firm has invested heavily in hardware, software, training, and IT infrastructure. We constantly evaluate and implement new tools to improve our drafting services. Our specialized technology and workflows result in unmatched quality and speed.

Define Your Space With Architectural Drawing Services and More

At Bancroft Architects + Engineers, we ensure your project stays on time and within budget. Before designing, we align expectations and create a critical path schedule. This keeps the project moving smoothly through every stage, meeting key milestones along the way. If certain equipment requires long lead times, we factor that in and advise you early so there are no surprises.

Explore Our Array of Architectural CAD Services

As a full-service architectural engineering company, we offer robust drafting and design services to meet your project needs. Our team has extensive experience with commercial, industrial, and institutional projects of all sizes and complexities. We use the latest CAD software and best practices to deliver high-quality drafting services on time and budget.

Bancroft specializes in drafting and design for healthcare facilities. We have worked on projects ranging from small clinic renovations to large hospital expansions. Our healthcare facility expertise includes emergency departments, operating rooms, imaging centers, pharmacies, laboratory spaces, and more. We understand the unique requirements, codes, and regulations involved in healthcare construction and design. Our expert knowledge in this area allows us to provide highly effective drafting services tailored to the needs of healthcare clients.

Your project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customized drafting solutions tailored to your specific needs. When you partner with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who will learn about your project goals, budget, timeline, and specifications. From there, we will determine the optimal drafting services and deliverables to fulfill your vision while adhering to all necessary standards and regulations.

Our drafters have immense experience with creating detailed floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, roof plans, and other drawings needed to fully convey the layout and spatial relationships of a building. We ensure proper scaling and dimensions so your goals can be easily interpreted for pricing, permitting, and construction. Our plan layout drawings clearly show walls, doors, windows, stairs, fixtures, and other architectural elements.

Beyond floor plans, we provide exterior and interior elevations showing all sides of a structure. These drawings indicate the materials, fenestration, and design elements that bring your vision to life. Sections and details illustrate vertical relationships for wall assemblies, stairs, roofing, and more. We ensure coordination between all drawings for seamless project execution.

Our site plans illustrate the arrangement and orientation of your building(s) on the property, along with parking, landscaping, vegetation, topography, setbacks, easements, utilities, and surrounding context.

We can also create grading plans, erosion control plans, utility plans, demolition plans, and more based on your specific site and project scope. All drawings are created to scale with precise dimensions.

Endure Adherence to Regulations With Detailed CAD Drafting Services

In addition to meeting your design objectives, our drawings fully comply with all relevant building codes, regulations, and accessibility standards. We stay up-to-date on the latest requirements to ensure your project gets approved quickly.

Compliance to Local, State, and Federal Building Codes

Our drafters understand the nuances of local, state, and federal building codes, including plumbing, electrical, structural, mechanical, fire safety, energy efficiency, and more. We diligently review the applicable codes for each project location and incorporate compliant design details on every drawing we produce.

Ensuring Accessibility and Safety

We help ensure your architectural designs provide equal access and safety for all users. Our drawings adhere to accessibility regulations like the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. We also meet life safety and egress requirements per IBC, safety glazing standards, and other relevant codes. You can trust our drawings to comply fully.