Unleash the Power of BIM and Revit for Architectural Processes

Revolutionize workflows with BIM and Revit resources.

Bancroft: Your Go-To Expert for BIM and Revit Solutions

As a full-service architecture and engineering firm, Bancroft Architects + Engineers understands the value of technology like building information modeling (BIM) and Autodesk Revit in enhancing project design, coordination, and construction.

With years of hands-on experience implementing BIM and Revit across a wide variety of projects, we have become experts with the resources and expertise to maximize your investment in these powerful tools.

Our Experience and Expertise in BIM and Revit

Our team includes numerous BIM managers, Revit professionals, and support staff with advanced training in BIM principles and the Revit software suite. We’ve developed optimized workflows to produce detailed BIM models and comprehensive construction drawings by adopting BIM and Revit early on.

We provide BIM services for all project phases, from early design and space programming through construction coordination and facilities management. Our experts help clients define project goals, implement BIM execution plans, create accurate Revit building models, run clash detection, generate shop drawings, and hand off as-built BIM models to owners.

From commercial offices to healthcare facilities, we have applied BIM methodologies and Revit modeling software to projects of all sizes and complexity. Our team knows how to leverage Revit’s BIM tools to enhance coordination between architectural, MEP, and structural disciplines for truly collaborative BIM projects.

Get Involved in the Design Process

Bancroft believes our clients should actively participate in creating their ideal living space. That’s why we incorporate you into every step of the design process, from conceptual sketches to final walkthroughs. By working closely, we can help you fully understand all the options and collectively choose a design that brings your unique vision to life.

Explore the Benefits of Building Information Modeling in Architectural Design and Construction

BIM has become an invaluable tool for architects and construction professionals. Implementing BIM provides numerous advantages throughout a project’s design, pre-construction, construction, and operations phases.

Bancroft Architects + Engineers leverages building information modeling (BIM) to deliver enhanced value on architectural projects. Key advantages include:

  • Enhanced Visualization

    BIM enables our architects to create interactive 3D models to evaluate design concepts and identify conflicts early. This facilitates an iterative design process.

  • Seamless Collaboration

    All project partners access a unified model with current data. This coordination minimizes redundancies and errors for efficient delivery.

  • Performance Optimization

    Our models contain robust data for simulating building performance in sustainability, lighting, and acoustics. We can optimize building designs to meet project goals.

  • Constructible Design

    Our precise BIM models reduce coordination errors, clashes, and omissions – leading to fewer RFIs and change orders during construction. We mitigate project risk and drive on-time, on-budget delivery.

  • Streamlined Workflows

    BIM automates repetitive tasks, accelerates drawing production, and integrates analysis. This efficiency enables us to maximize our resources and focus on high-value services.

  • Lifecycle Insights

    We attach rich datasets to assets over their lifespan with BIM. Clients gain actionable insights to optimize operations, maintenance, and management—saving time and costs.

Revolutionize Your Architecture Firm With Revit Engineering Software

Revit by Autodesk is a leading BIM platform embraced by modern architecture firms like Bancroft. We integrate Revit to dramatically streamline an architectural practice’s workflows and operations.

Revit empowers our architects to create, edit, and collaborate on 3D BIM models in one unified environment. It gives our architecture teams a centralized hub to work together on the same model and provides robust tools for architectural design, documentation, and visualization. Because Revit models incorporate real-world data for components, our architects can uncover deeper insights to boost efficiency, precision, and velocity compared to 2D CAD drafting.

Revit helps us work smarter, faster, and better—revolutionizing the way we approach design and deliver stellar results.

Choose Bancroft for Revit and BIM Drawing Services

When you partner with us for your BIM and Revit needs, you gain the expertise of an award-winning firm focused on client success:

  • Our BIM managers have 10+ years of experience applying BIM processes to complex building projects.
  • We invest heavily in ongoing Revit and BIM training and education for our team to stay on the cutting edge.
  • Our flexible pricing models make our BIM and Revit consulting services accessible for projects of any size.
  • We take the time to understand each client’s unique goals to develop a tailored BIM execution plan.
  • Our BIM and Revit experts communicate clearly and collaborate with project stakeholders.

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