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Full Range of Engineering Solutions for the Modern World

In today’s complex built environments, having a full range of engineering services and expertise is critical for success. From small renovations to massive new developments, engineers are involved at every stage to ensure safe, efficient, compliant, and innovative outcomes.

The Bancroft team has worked nationally since 1909 to provide services for modernization, repair, alteration, renovation, construction management, and maintenance projects across sectors like healthcare and commercial buildings. With over 50 full-time professional staff, including architects and engineers with credentials like NCARB, EDAC, AIA, PE, and LEED, Bancroft offers extensive remodeling, renovation, and design/build experience for the modern world.

Explore Our Commercial Building Mechanical Engineering Services

Bancroft creates spaces that allow your occupants to thrive. The scope of our mechanical engineering services includes:

As sustainability and cost-savings become increasingly important, Bancroft helps building owners and managers maximize energy efficiency. Our engineers perform ASHRAE Level II energy audits to analyze current systems and identify opportunities. We evaluate LED lighting retrofits to reduce electricity use, install high-efficiency chillers and boilers to cut HVAC energy consumption, add variable frequency drives to pumps and fans for load-based operation, implement economizers to utilize cool outside air and recover waste heat with air-to-air heat exchangers.

We also optimize ventilation through demand control based on occupancy and shift cooling loads with thermal energy storage to avoid peak charges. Our energy modeling provides accurate savings projections and return on investment. By holistically upgrading aging infrastructure, we help clients dramatically improve building performance. Our customized solutions combine proven technologies with innovative thinking to reduce environmental impact and costs.

Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of relevant building codes and standards. We perform comprehensive code evaluations early in the design process to identify requirements for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, energy, accessibility, and all other systems. Our expertise allows us to determine which code editions apply based on location and building type.

We avoid costly late-stage design modifications by reviewing codes thoroughly upfront. We also collaborate closely with authorities to develop creative solutions that meet code intent while accommodating each project’s needs.

Bancroft Engineering provides specialized reverse osmosis systems to purify water for industrial and domestic applications. Our experienced engineers select optimal RO membranes and prefilters to remove contaminants based on your water chemistry and purity requirements.

We design efficient, reliable systems with instrumentation for monitoring performance. Reverse osmosis allows reuse of wastewater, conservation of water resources, and reduced discharge.

Bancroft utilizes N+1 configuration for critical infrastructure to maximize uptime. This design approach installs redundant components, so if one fails, the backup component seamlessly takes over until repairs are completed.

N+1 can be applied to chillers, pumps, air handlers, generators, UPS units, and other vital data center systems. Our engineers expertly balance reliability gains with cost when architecting N+1 redundancies, keeping your facility running 24/7.

Bancroft’s engineers have deep experience designing and integrating volumetric controls, including variable frequency drives, variable air volume boxes, and variable flow pumping systems. These technologies maximize efficiency by modulating speeds based on demand while maintaining thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Our experts optimize control sequences and precisely match equipment capacities to load profiles. We also validate designs through energy modeling to quantify potential savings versus conventional constant volume systems.

See Your Vision Come to Life With Bancroft’s Mechanical Construction Strategies

At Bancroft Architects + Engineers, the best designs come from working closely with our clients. From day one, we incorporate you into the design process so you can fully understand and select the option that brings your vision to life.

Leverage Architects With Mechanical Experience in the Healthcare Field

Bancroft provides customized engineering strategies tailored to the unique needs of healthcare facilities. Our specialized approach focuses on implementing smart, sustainable solutions that enhance infrastructure reliability and efficiency. This allows us to create tailored solutions that support effective healthcare delivery for each client.

Expert Plumbing Solutions for Any Project

Get robust plumbing engineering and design from Bancroft Plumbing. Bring your project to life after a discussion with our professional and experienced team.

Pressurization Planning

Our pressurization planning services focus on optimizing airflow to enhance infection control. We use computational fluid dynamics modeling and on-site testing to design pressurization systems tailored for each unique healthcare facility. This allows us to maintain positive pressure in sensitive areas like operating rooms while preventing contaminants from migrating.

Proper pressurization is vital for reducing healthcare-associated infections. Our experienced engineers work closely with hospital staff to understand their needs and design effective, customized solutions. Patient safety and ethical practices are central to our approach.

Infection Control Suite

Bancroft Engineering takes infection prevention seriously. Our customized infection control suites utilize specialized air handling and pressurization to contain and redirect potentially infectious aerosols away from patient care areas. We integrate UVGI systems and other technologies to disinfect air and surfaces continuously.

Thoughtful design elements like self-closing doors, hands-free fixtures, and easy-to-clean materials further reduce contamination risks. With patient and staff safety as our top priority, we engineer solutions beyond minimum requirements to create a healing environment secure from the threat of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Our experienced team stays current on the latest research and partners with facilities to develop infection control plans tailored to their needs.