Building Engineers for Industries Nationwide

Bancroft’s architects and engineers deliver innovative building solutions.

Elevate Your Commercial Property With Bancroft’s Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Expertise

As a commercial building owner or manager, you recognize the importance of robust engineering support to maintain and manage your property’s complex systems effectively. At Bancroft, headquartered in Chicago with offices nationwide, we offer a team of more than 65 full-time licensed and credentialed design professionals, including a diverse bench of dedicated professional engineers. Bancroft has no shortage of architects and design experts across our six nationwide offices.

What sets Bancroft apart is our commitment to excellence and our diverse team of professionals. Since 1909, our team has successfully delivered a wide range of services, including modernization, repair, alteration, renovation, construction management, and maintenance projects. Our engineering professionals possess the technical expertise necessary to optimize your building’s performance, regardless of its specialty. We prioritize preventive care, system enhancements, and rapid issue resolution to ensure your property remains safe, highly efficient, and cost-effective.

Optimize Productivity in Industrial Facilities

In factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants, seamless facility operation is essential for productivity and profitability. A sudden breakdown in your factory could bring work to a standstill. Inadequate conditions hinder worker safety and efficiency.

Bancroft’s building engineering teams apply deep industrial system knowledge to maintain your assets for peak performance. Preventive maintenance and optimization of lighting, power, HVAC, loading docks, and material handling equipment drive productivity. Rapid response to issues minimizes costly downtime.

Educational Institutions

Learning happens everywhere on campus. From classrooms to dorms, dining halls to labs, the student experience depends on well-designed, maintained facilities. Bancroft engineers understand the acoustic, lighting, ventilation, technology, and accessibility needs unique to education.

We partner with schools and universities to optimize building performance so students can focus on achieving their academic goals. Our preventive maintenance and upgrade recommendations ensure your historic landmarks and modern buildings foster learning, collaboration, and discovery.

Every Industry Deserves Precision Design

Bancroft serves clients in most key sectors. With expertise in designing facilities for research, production, education, and more, we create spaces that enable efficiency, collaboration, and innovation for organizations across these industries. Our experience spans everything from conceptual planning to construction administration and more.

Tired of Costly Construction Change Orders?

Bancroft has in-house construction professionals who are involved in the process from the onset of the purpose of every design is to be built. These are not concepts. These are designs we can execute and deliver.

Achieve ADA Compliance for Commercial Buildings

Bancroft helps ensure your new and existing buildings and facilities comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessible design. Our experienced architects and engineers carefully evaluate each unique project and client needs to develop solutions that provide equal access for all. This can involve designing wider doorways, installing ramps or chairlifts, creating accessible restrooms, and incorporating other ADA-compliant elements into the plans.

Bancroft design professionals have input on previsions to the latest codes and best practices to guide clients and institutions in making any necessary renovations.

Ensure Quality Patient Care With Our Clinical Engineering Services

Bancroft understands that healthcare facilities require specialized engineering to maintain strict standards. Proper temperature, ventilation, and air quality controls are vital to protect patients. Our designs mean our clients live healthier, more productive lives.

Our commercial building engineers have deep expertise in healthcare requirements. We keep your critical systems running smoothly through diligent maintenance, testing, and inspection. This prevents disruptions to hospital operations and patient care, giving you peace of mind that your buildings can function at their best at all times.